Daily News For July 20, 2006


Israeli Troops Battle Hezbollah Guerrillas In Lebanon

IAF Foils Rocket Transports From Syria

IAF Attempts To Assassinate Hizbullah Leadership

2 Children Killed by Hezbollah Rocket In Nazareth

Lebanon ‘Has Been Torn To Shreds’

Turkey Signals It’s Prepared To Enter Iraq

Taliban Vow Revenge After Being Smashed By Coalition And Afghan Forces

Ethiopia Prepared To Invade Somalia


Bush Vetoes Stem Cell Bill As Promised

GOP Unveils School Voucher Plan. $100 Million Proposal Targets Low-Income Students (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Cagle Tops Reed For GOP Nomination In GA

Minutemen Not Watching Over Funds

Judge Overturns Wal-Mart Health Care Law

Yahoo Shares Plunge 22 Percent


Charles Krauthammer: Lebanon — The Only Exit Strategy (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Jonah Goldberg: Why A Cease-Fire Makes No Sense For Israel

Ann Coulter: Liberals Born To Run

Victor Davis Hanson: Patience Is Wearing Thin

Michelle Malkin: Hezbollah Is Here


India Blocks Several Web Sites,
Many of Which Are Blog Homes

Pew Research: A Blogger Portrait

In Which I Condemn Glenn Greenwald for Failing to Condemn Some Stuff

The Other Protest, Islamic Jew-Haters Rally in New York

France Must Act: War On Israel!

Website Of The Day: Democrats Unhinged — The Real House Agenda

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