And by the way: while we’re not getting cocky about 2010…

…let’s make sure we don’t get cocky about 2012, either. No less of a genius than Charles Krauthammer sounded that particular alarm earlier this week, and now Moe Lane writes:

The NAACP has a goal; minimizing the Democratic Party’s losses in 201[0*] (via the use of a smear campaign). Vice President Biden also has a goal; re-electing the President (and, incidentally, himself) in 2012. The two goals are incompatible.

True dat. The more power Republicans attain in 2010, the better Obama’s chances of re-election in 2012. Not that we should avoid attaining more power in 2010, although winning the House back, for example, would rob us of the exquisite comedy of Democrats blaming Republicans – who are so far in the minority even homosexual vegan Aleutians feel bad for them – for their legislative failures.

As much as I’ll miss that, we’ve got to get control of something.

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But once November, 2010, has left smiles on conservative and Republican faces nationwide, we should also keep in mind that it was only one battle, with another one getting underway…now.

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