And there it is: Scozzafava endorses Owens

Feeling stupid yet, GOP leadership?

So now the GOP leadership gets to walk around with two black eyes, the first delivered by Hoffman and conservative activists, the second by their chosen candidate.:  All this on top of the fact that they threw away over $1 million on Scozzafava’s campaign.:  At this stage, even if Hoffman were to lose, conservatives have won a necessary victory against the current GOP leadership, but this is only the beginning.:  All that said, NY-23 shows us how bad we’ve allowed things to become, and how vitally important it is to seize control of the Republican Party.

Replacing the current leadership is going to take time, and we should start working to position ourselves for a takeover now.:  Start by finding a way to get involved with the GOP, find a local candidate you like and volunteer or work with your local GOP organization (they’re usually broken up by county).: :  See if they have a website, if not, the state GOP will, and you can usually find contact information for your local people there.:  Find out when they’re holding a meeting and attend.: :  Sometimes organizations like local Republican Men and Women Clubs are another way to get involved.

Find out who is there for conservatism and is competent, and who isn’t, and start figuring out how to boost capable conservatives and dislodge incompetents and RINOs.:  Many of these local organizations are decrepit, unenthusiastic, poorly run, manned, managed and operated, so it should be manageable for a small handful of competent conservatives to shine and make a name for themselves in short order, and in time manage a takeover.: :  This is particularly true of conservative political geeks that are active in the blogosphere and social networking sites, they have a deep understanding of politics and the political game, and understand the importance of being adaptable in a rapidly changing environment.:  When conservatives start seizing a good number of local and county GOP organizations, they can begin a takeover of state organizations, and really demonstrate some clout.

We’ve done well in NY-23 thus far, it shows we can be competitive, but understand too, this was an oddball election in every way.:  Locals in NY-23 are going to have to step up and take over from here if they want to see conservatives win, they can’t bank on people from outside NY-23 sending big piles of money to their district every year.:  The numbskulls who thought selecting Dede Scozzafava was a brilliant idea are going to be back in force if conservatives in NY-23 don’t start working now to dislodge them.:  Those outside of NY-23 need to then look at what is going on in their home district, and see what they can do there.:  I realize it is against our political nature to want to jump into the political world with both feet, but NY-23 shows that we can do it, even have fun with it, and if we’re to survive as a political movement, we cannot continue farming this kind of work out to RINOs hoping that they’ll act like anything but Diet Democrats.

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