Andrew Breitbart Thinks the MSM… Well, Sucks

Andrew Breitbart Thinks the MSM… Well, Sucks

It may sound irreverent, but thank God for Andrew Breitbart. I mean it.

For so long I’ve agonized over the single one great reason that has allowed liberals to deceive the American public, lying about themselves and about us: the liberal media, vile, vindictive, and until recently, largely unreigned.

Just as Breibart says, the MSM has been employing “street thuggery” for years, and they’ve gotten away with it. They, along with liberal academia, have controlled what the public sees, hears, and thinks. Without the media, even the loudest voice, no matter how appealing or intelligent, will never be widely heard.

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Fortunately for the entire nationwide movement of the right, the left no longer has a hold on the media. In addition to Fox News and talk radio, against whom left can’t stand a chance now, the advent of “new media” has been opened up a new world for conservatives.

Andrew Breitbart of and formerly of the Drudge Report gets this, an he and a small handful of other “bloggers” have single-handedly manage to turn the tables on the MSM.

New media is shining a light on the left’s street thuggery. Now they’re getting exposed. Now we’re all over the place, and it’s freaking them out that they don’t know where we are.

It’s not an easy job to fight the vile, vinictive, unreigned media, and it explains why so few are willing to take the risk of being attacked. Conservatives shoul be thankful for guys who are.

For years of my life, I’ve been on the defense. I greatest fear was being attacked. What if someone called me a racist? What if I wasn’t around to defend myself?

Then one day I realized that it was okay. And I now love the thing I feared most. I’m not on the defense anymore – I’m on the offense. Bring it on!

Breitbart’s most significant point was that conservatives need to stop being defensive and playing by the MSM’s rules. Instead, we should be the ones setting the rules:

Why don’t we go on the OFFENSE?

The left is on defense for the first time because we’ve exposed them. We’ve declared what their weapon is: POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

EXACTLY. I think Breitbart might be the first person I’v heard to singularly point this out. Political correctness is the one weapon of the media, and its been destructive:

In college, I was told that Mark Twain was a racist.

College didn’t tell me I had to get a job after I graduated; it taught me how to deconstruct ideas and to wallow in self-pity. It taught me to be depressed about my life and about the world.

The problem is poltical correctness and multicultarl crap whwere you separate people and pit them against each other. They say to Muslims in America that Muslim values aren’t American values, and they pit Muslims against Americans.

You progressives, you’ve pit us against each other, and now we are going to come after you so hard, you don’t know.

Everyone here in Washington seems to notice how emboldened the speakers have become this year; I’d say that Breitbart is one of the most emboldened, to his credit, specifically calling out the individuals and the actions of the MSM:

We’re at war, and the MSM wants to use euphemisms about terrorists. But ordinary, liberty loving conseratives? They’re teabaggers.

To liberals, Al Quaeda are the good guys and Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe are the terrorists.

I wonder where Keith Olbermann an Rachel Maddow get this nihilistic worldview of socialism, but then they can say, “let’s ignore it while we go out for drinks on the weekend.”

Hypocrites, twisters of the truth, name-callers. That’s exactly what the MSM is, and that’s exactly how they need to be indentified.

It’s such a relief to hear the truth exposed and things called what they are. And when few others dare to, Andrew Breitbart does it so well.

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