Animal Rights Whackos: The big

Animal Rights Whackos: The big problem that I have with animal rights groups these days is that they try to portray themselves as simply being concerned with stopping animal abuse. That’s something most Americans can identify with and are also interested in preventing. However, the truth is that a lot of these groups have largely been taken over by the lunatic fringe of the animal rights movement and they have views and ideas that are far outside of what mainstream America considers normal. As an example, here are some quotes from “Princeton University Professor Peter Singer, dubbed the ‘godfather’ of animal rights” in his address to Animal Rights 2002 conference in McLean, Va.

Singer on the Bible and Christianity…

“…Christianity is a “problem” for the animal rights movement. Singer, author of the book “Animal Liberation” and a professor of bioethics at Princeton University’s Center for Human Values, criticized American Christianity for its fundamentalist strain that takes the Bible too “literally” and promotes “speciesism”

Singer on infanticide…

“Singer also reiterated one of his most controversial positions regarding the right to kill a newborn infant within 28 days of birth if the infant is deemed “severely disabled. If you have a being that is not sentient, that is not even aware, then the killing of that being is not something that is wrong in and of itself,” he stated.I think that a chimpanzee certainly has greater self-awareness than a newborn baby,” he told”

Singer on bestiality…

“Singer also defended his previous writings that humans and nonhumans can have “mutually satisfying” sexual relationships as long as they are consensual. When asked by how an animal can consent to sexual contact with a human, he replied, “Your dog can show you when he or she wants to go for a walk and equally for nonviolent sexual contact, your dog or whatever else it is can show you whether he or she wants to engage in a certain kind of contact.”

So how did the crowd full of animal rights supporters react to Singer’s insane opinions?

“Singer, who was introduced as the “godfather” of animal rights, received three standing ovations during his keynote address on Saturday night, attended by about 400 people. Conference participant Jennie Sunner called Singer “fundamental to the movement’s inception and its movement forward.”

Is this sort of sick and bizarre nonsense what the animal rights movement has come to?

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