UltraSonics-America’s Secret Police: As a

UltraSonics-America’s Secret Police: As a card carrying member of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of “UltraSonics.” But I must warn all of you not to go to this website where you can read about the hidden mystery weapon certain people don’t want you to know about, otherwise known as “UltraSonics”! I’d also recommend that all of you who may be influenced by “UltraSonics” avoid putting on tinfoil hats because that might spoil the awesome power of “UltraSonics.” Here are some quotes from the above mentioned website that we don’t want you to see about “UltraSonics.”

What is “UltraSonics?”

“UltraSonics consists of private American citizens that operate above the law. UltraSonics has access to extremely sophisticated surveillance, harassment, and non-lethal weapons technology. This sophisticated technology is restricted technology and should only be available to special military and special non-secret police divisions but private American citizens have obtained it.”

How is Ultrasonics is funded?

“Funding for UltraSonics’ operations come from several sources. A federal government agency called HUD (Housing and Urban Development), mental health service providers, drug companies, real estate companies, and other private and public sources are funding UltraSonics’ operations. HUD illegally diverts funds from government programs at the local level to covertly fund UltraSonics’ operations.”

The conspiracy goes farther than we thought! Apparently “UltraSonics” is even used to sell real estate!

“My understanding is that the real estate industry is using this strategy and tools to accumulate land in neighborhoods for redevelopment.It is pretty plausible in these situations for neighbors to earn move out bonuses, etc. New Jersey is a likely place for this to happen, depending on where you are.”

Look for an “UltraSonics mind discombobulator” at your nearest Walmart this fall! Thanks to Something Awful for the link.

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