Animals Rights Or Misanthropy?

This story would seem to be indicative of how far away some people have gotten from their most basic survival instincts,

“Residents upset over plans to kill bear

The Department of Fish and Wildlife has set up traps for a bear that attacked a bicyclist on Sunday, and officials say the bear will likely be killed.

But people who live near Banner Forest Heritage Park say the animal did nothing wrong.

Anthony Blasioli, 51, was biking with his two dogs alongside him when he encountered the bear Sunday morning.

The bear charged at the man, cutting his arms, back and neck before he managed to get away. He’s being treated at a Tacoma hospital and was listed in satisfactory condition.

Officials think the bear may have been defending its cubs, and that is what has area residents protesting plans to kill the animal.

“It’s mean, it’s cruel, it’s bad,” said Mike Leathers. “We’re in their territory. The bear and her cubs need to be relocated.”

Now, this article uses the word “residents,” but only quotes one person, so whether there are 2 people or 2000 “upset” about this, I have no idea.

But, c’mon — it’s a bear — A BEAR!!!! — that tried to maul a guy who just happened to be riding by on his bike. Was it defending its cubs? Does it have rabies? Is it just ornery? Who knows? Who cares?

The only thing that really matters at this point is that it’s a very dangerous wild animal that tried to take down a human being and for the sake of safety, it needs to killed.

Sure, you could move it, but what do you say to the family of some picnicker or hiker that gets killed by this bear in the future? “Sure, it had attacked someone before, but we thought there might be some excuse for it, so we decided it was worth the risk of letting it go?”

Having sympathy for wild animals is fine and dandy, but not if it means you have to put the lives of innocent people at risk to do it.

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