Bush Is Going To Blow Up The Bay Bridge Just Like He Did 880 In Oakland

At first, I thought this story that I ran across via Polipundit, might be some sort of satire.

Ya know, maybe it was a conservative doing the BlameBush thing or a liberal trying to be funny — and admittedly, it’s tough to tell sometimes with libs. The professional liberal comedians may be funny, but the political tend to be so wretched at humor that it can be hard to tell that’s what they’re trying to do. It also doesn’t help that liberals have started yelling, “It was just a joke,” after they suggest some punishingly stupid idea and they’re mocked for it.

However, after looking around a bit and searching through some of her previous writing, I think Gypsy Taub (she’s mentioned at USA Today here and is interviewed by Alex Jones, the same guy who regularly chats with Ron Paul, here) at Politics from the Heart was being completely serious when she wrote,

“Having been a 911 truth activist for 5 years, I have serious suspicions about the Bay Bridge being closed for entire 4 days.

There has been a lot of threats of terrorist attacks coming form the government. Looks like they are preparing the public. Or else it could be their usual scare tactics.

On the other hand, Bush’s term is coming to an end. The public is pushing to ban voting machines. The power of the Bush administration is deteriorating with major figures resigning, almost daily scandals on the news and constant threat of impeachment. Their only weapon is fear, it’s their last hope. I can see them really desperately needing a terrorist attack in the near future. 911 did them a great deal of good. 911 was, of course, the work of the Bush administration, the Pentagon, and others connected tightly to the Bush administration. Osama had no authority to put the US Airforce on stand down. He would have never been able to rig the World Trade Center with explosives….

…Getting back to the Bay Bridge, it being shut down for 4 entire days sounds suspicious. They are also demolishing a section of the bridge, so that gives them a green light to bring in a demolition crew. According to their official website they are doing seismic safety work which can, as far as I understand, involve drilling holes in the structure to test it for safety. Also, the new bridge being close to finished would be a convenient time to blow up the old one. Don’t quote me on this, but I have also heard that the old Bay Bridge is not earthquake stable, so if that is true, then it sounds like the World Trade Center that needed to go because of all the asbestos that it was filled with. The WTC was an environmental disaster because of the asbestos that it was filled with. Cleaning it up would have cost an enormous amount of money that no one was willing to pay. In other words, it sounds like the Bay Bridge is a good candidate for a “terrorist attack” just like the WTC was.

Another thing that raises suspicion is the collapse of highway 880 in Oakland this past April and the collapse of the Minneapolis bridge. As far as I am concerned 880 was an inside job. Gas doesn’t melt steel otherwise your engine in your car would have long since melted.

…And then, the Minneapolis bridge collapse. I haven’t had a chance to take s good look at it (I have 3 little kids, not much time for conspiracies), but I would pay attention to it happening shortly after the 880 collapse. I can see these events being a rehearsal to test out a bridge demolition by “terrorists.” I just talked to Eric Hufschmid and he said that the Minneapolis bridge collapse looks a lot like the 880 collapse in Oakland, very suspicious.

…So, let’s hope that the 4-day closing of the bridge was really about repairs and nothing else. And if per chance there was a terrorist action planned by our government then let’s prevent it from happening before it’s too late.

They used to stick you in an asylum if you were crazy enough, but these days, you just get a blog and wait for the traffic and calls from USA Today reporters to roll in.

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