Another day, another ‘nothing to see here, move along’ liberal

So earlier this week I got cc’d on an email with links to a Geert Wilders’ speech on YouTube.

The person who sent it said, in effect, “This is a must-see! What this man has to say is very important.”

Today one of the CC’s sent this reply:

I had a brief look, and if you are looking for feedback, I think you can safely ignore the man.

As you know, I was [redacted by me, but describes a mid-level position with Amnesty International] spending on average 2- 3 hours a day sifting through human rights reports – that’s a lot of knowledge, probably more than Wilders has.

I think if the threat [of batshit crazy Islam] was real, I would have got wind of it but I didn’t – nothing. Now Wilders might be right, but until I see his documentation and an explanation of how and why AI has it wrong and I’ve been duped over many years of careful study, I won’t be taking the man very seriously and – on the assumption you’re asking for feedback – I’d recommend you do the same.

Hope that helps – [redacted personal information] I’m up to my eyeballs in work so I’m afraid can’t do much better than the above. Shoudn’t you be working on art, anyway?


So you just know I had to respond:

Not sure how I made it onto this list but since I am…

Hmmm, [redacted name] obviously all the threats to Wilders’ life, and the murder of Theo Van Gogh, and what they’ve done to Hirsi Ali, the Danish cartoonists, etc etc somehow didn’t make it into your AI “human rights reports.”

While you were “sifting through” all those reports, they were getting killed or threatened with death.

Maybe Wilders et al didn’t fill out the proper “human rights reports” to merit AI’s attention… Maybe he can just “safely ignore” all those death threats. Problem solved!

Isn’t it just as possible that you “didn’t get wind of it” because AI is too busy promoting abortion, “reproductive rights” and other trendy liberal causes to be bothered much with other things, and you were looking through the wrong end of the telescope, however intently. It is possible to spend ten years of “careful study” studying the wrong thing, dontcha know?

Yes, let’s all just be hip sophisticated urban lefties and go back to “working on art” — as long as it isn’t about the “prophet” Mohammed! Then everything will be just dandy frickin’ do. Too bad Van Gogh and the Danish cartoonists enjoy no such luxury — no thanks to AI, who never lifted a finger to help them.

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now in its ninth year. Among many other things, she writes the Talk Radio Watch column at WND.)

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