Another Terrorist Goes ‘Boom’: Now

Another Terrorist Goes ‘Boom’: Now this is what I call brilliant, out of the box thinking. The CIA could take a lesson from the Mossad on this one…

“Palestinian militants are distributing leaflets with step-by-step recipes for homemade explosives — but some flyers may be Israeli fakes meant to trick would-be terrorists into blowing themselves up.

…In the past, usually through collaborators, intelligence has distributed material that gives instructions on how to make a bomb, with the correct instructions changed — a little less here and there, so that it will detonate in the hands of the makers,” a source said.

“…Making bombs has almost become common knowledge,” the Israeli intelligence source told the Daily News.

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“[But] there have been many cases where an explosive detonated in the hands of the person trying to assemble it.”

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