The Incompetent INS: This is

The Incompetent INS: This is outrageous for so many reasons….

Frustrated cops in New York had to free a suspicious gang of illegal Mideast aliens because the INS “didn’t want to be bothered” on the Memorial Day weekend, The Post has learned.

…The INS didn’t seem to have anybody on duty in the city. The agency’s contact number for the weekend rang at an office in Burlington, Vt., more than 300 miles away.

“The f- – -ing INS has one phone working Memorial weekend and it’s in Vermont?” said another incredulous law-enforcement official.

An INS spokesman said yesterday, “Since Sept. 11, our primary focus has been on terrorist-related investigations and, contrary to belief, we are not in the business of detaining people without cause…

So the INS didn’t have anyone on duty in the entire state of NY over the holiday? Furthermore, maybe it’s just me, but if we have seven illegal aliens from Pakistan who have fake IDs on them, shouldn’t that be an A-1 priority for the INS? Also, why the hell is the INS turning down an opportunity to apprehend and deport ANY illegal alien?

The INS is completely, utterly, hopelessly incompetent. There are corrupt Third-World dictatorships run on shoestring budgets that have government agencies more effective than the INS. It’s almost hard to believe that an agency that’s this poorly run could actually even exist in America.

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