Anybody Can Post On The

Anybody Can Post On The Internet?: Our latest installment of A.C.P.O.T.I. comes from the “Youth of Islam” forum. If you want to look for militant Islamic wackos who are likely candidates to blow themselves up in a shopping mall to show their devotion to Allah, this board appears to be as good a place to start as any. Thanks to EZCW for finding some of these posts…

Ghazi: When a US army soldier came to my school to talk all I could think of is shooting him . The reason why many join the army in the kafir states is because the pay you 75% of your college tuition. If I ever hear any Muslims joining the army for this new deal, I’ll be really mad!!

Let us destroy the dajjal new world order! Inshallah!

Qoswara …America is our enemy and america is our target. Whoever sits in the same trench as america only has them selves to blame. Are you forced to live there? Have they imprisoned you there like the Qurash imprisoned the Muslims? Cant you find any way to leave the lands of our enemies or have you even tried?. Every one knows of their own situation and everyone shall be judge according to their situation. But as for us we shall attack the enemy all together as they attack as all together. And the weapons of war do not differenciate between those who are good and those who are evil. And im sure you dont want to be among those whom the prophet said that he is free from, and those whom when the angles take their soul they are questioned as to why they had found them in that land, and when they the people replied that “they were to weak”, they are given the answer “was not Allaah’s land big enough?”. and so they died in a state of great sin because they chose to live amoungst such evil and fasaad. So if you care about yourself and your religion then im sure you would find the means to move. And the destruction of america has begun and every man must choose which side he is on.

Said Ketchman On His Reaction To 9/11: I was in the hallway at school when it happened. My friend ran down the hall super happy yelling and screaming saying America is going down, somethign to that extent. So I went to my next class and watched everything, the second plane hit, them accusing Usama, and them lying on the Palestinians. Then I went home and saw them attack Afghanistan and everything else. I still remmeber the class period, where I was sitting, and everything… 🙂 I was sooo happy that finally America was getting what it deserved (not saying im evil and I wanted to see people die…). So I was happy and I was showing it too, my teacher thought I was crazy. So thats how I was, I was already pro-Taliban and pro-Jihad before all this, so it dind’t effect my views.

SHAYTANSLAYER On His Reaction To 9/11: Believe it or not..i was right by the entrance at my college and my friend told me..and i was like what…no way…ALHumdulialh YIPEEEEEE YEAHHHHH YEAH WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO. everyone was lookin atme..but for some reason didnt’ seem to care oh well. then i went to chemistry class…and because of what happened the professor was too sad to go on..and decided to cancel class.

nightsniper On His Reaction To 9/11: HEy Laura……its the CIA AND MASSOD..AND SECRET GOVT ORGanizations…..DO U KNOW WHAT FREE MASONS ARE……..IF THE CIA/U.S. govt can kill John F kennedy thier own president, then why cant the “vanguard” of the peaceful world kill 3,000 people on this special date called Sept. 11. by the way i hope we get a holiday for that.

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