Anti-Obama Extremist Democrat Advances to Senate Runoff in TX — Wants Obama Impeached

For years, Tea Party rallies were bedeviled by Lyndon LaRouche supporters carrying signs with extreme language and controversial images. The mainstream media often said the signs were signals of extremism among Tea Party activists, even though LaRouche is a cultist lefty.

One of those fans has made it to the runoff stage of the Democratic primary in Texas, to earn the right to face incumbent Senator John Cornyn. And that fact has Democratic Party leaders absolutely terrified:

Texas Democrats are scrambling to can stop a controversial pro-impeachment, anti-ObamaCare candidate from advancing in their party’s Senate primary.

Winning the general election is long shot for any nominee. But with Democrats optimistic about a resurgence in the Lone Star State and their chances in the governor’s race, Lyndon LaRouche acolyte Kesha Rogers could damage those hopes if she even advances to a runoff on Tuesday.

Such a scenario once seemed like a long shot, but a University of Texas-Texas Tribune: Internet-based survey late last month showed the controversial candidate outpolling two better-funded and well-endorsed opponents, dentist David Alameel and attorney Maxey Scherr.

The poll of the five-way Democratic race didn’t have any candidate topping the 50 percent threshold to avoid a May runoff. But Rogers was leading Alameel for the right to likely face Sen. John Cornyn (R), by a 35 percent to 27 percent margin. Scherr was third with 15 percent.

A follower of LaRouche’s, Rogers shares many of the Democratic activist’s fringe positions such as impeaching President Obama, repealing ObamaCare and “crushing Wall Street.” : She also advocates the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act to limit securities trading, and has a detailed plan for space exploration and harnessing thermonuclear fusion energy. In the past, she’s drawn Hitler mustaches on Obama posters and likened ObamaCare to practices of Nazi doctors.

Rogers, who advanced to the run-off the day after the above article was published, will be quite an interesting candidate to watch. It looks like party leaders have their work cut out for them.


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