Anti-Semitism At The Daily Kos

Over at the Daily Kos, diarist nepos libertas veered all the way from the standard liberal sympathy towards Palestinian terrorists, to anti-Zionism, to wacko conspiracy theories and flat out anti-semitism. Here are some excerpts from his post,

Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel

…Before the covetous Zionist movement multiply like cancer cells, there was a degree of harmony between the Palestinian Arab and the Semite Jew of Israelite origin who share ethnic heritage in common as the descendants of Abraham. This peace and positive relationship has been rendered moot by the Zionists hell-bent on uprooting Palestine by chipping away every parcel of existing land, by force and violence, for large-scale thievery, not much different from the Spainards who subjugated the Caribbean and Mesoamerica native populations to genocide by termination, slavery and cruelty soon after the “exalted” arrival of Columbus.

…It is a matter of Israeli policy to engage in militaristic war cry of ultra-nationalistic morale, deception, cruelty, thievery, subversion, assassination, sabotage and warfare by belligerence to achieve its objectives for supreme rule.

…It thus emerged as a major power and a formidable challenger of existing Arabic powers that will decide the fate of the world, beginning with November 22, 1963 coup d’etat in CIA-MOSSAD coordinated assassination of President Kennedy which unnaturally led to the hasty re-evaluation of American foreign policy for adjustion that align with the interests of Israeli state for total compatibility in irreversibly entangled alliance.

…During the Six-Day War of 1967, on June 8th, U.S.S. Liberty, the U.S. Navy intelligence ship, sailed in international waters approximately 14 miles off Sinai Peninsula…Israel Air Force encircled the ship for a while while some crew members on the ship waved in greeting to the pilots flying overhead. Suddenly IAF and IDF commenced the attack on the ship with strafing bullets, missiles and torpedoes, costing 34 American lives and maiming 175. The U.S. government, including President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of State Robert McNamara and Admiral John McCain Senior (father of Arizona senator and presumptive Republican presidential nominee), colluded with Israel to cover up the war crime that would be called an act of war had it been done by the designated enemy.

…And Israeli war crimes continue unabated arising from its belligerent nationalism in Zionistic lust for war to subservience by the foreign powers as allies that look the other way while atrocities pile on…

…Israel embody the vessel of boiling blood of horror and perfidy in demonic vileness for its pattern of terrorism and murder in the name of Zionist ideology.

…After the murder of JFK, Israel has extended its Zionistic tentacle to grasp the United States by the neck to leech on to that manifest the radical foreign policy about-face to morally and materially support State of Israel in no uncertain (and unconditional) terms.

…This is the bidding of a farewell formed in the extension of a middle finger by the militantly atheistic Luciferian Ashkenazic Jewish sect that – resolved they be – believe in – by genetic predisposition and/or indoctrination from birth – supremacism of the Master Race, because they have accomplished the goal of procreating State of Israel to dominate in hegemony by the art of seduction, after centuries of persecution and expulsion on charge of treason by subversion of host nations, blood rituals in human sacrifice of Gentile children, corruption and ravishing of women, conspiracy to injure and murder esteemed officers & rulers and usurious & fraudulent deed in union with the spiritual descendants of the wicked Jews of the extinct Sadducee sect, the persecutor and abetted executioner of Jesus Christ, propagating fruition of the species as the “Chosen One” and bringing the world to its knees without mercy for subservience and obedience by slavery (brainwash) and tyranny.

…Israel’s fate is uncertain, but I am positively certain it will, to paraphrase Ayatollah Khomeini, “vanish from the page of time”. Its eventual destruction will be effectuated by its own hands — the checkmate action that fit the personas of a maddeningly ambitious, ferocious, delusional and suicidal psychopath.

If the lunatics in Iran ever get their way and fire off nuclear missiles at Israel, anti-semites like this guy at the Daily Kos will be dancing in the streets or alternately, in the State Department, if Obama becomes President and Jimmy Carteresque liberals of this sort actually get their hands on the levers of power again.

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