Thought Of The Day: Was Obama Too High To Know How Many States There Are?

Obama’s 57 states screw-up really caught my eye and I’ll tell you why: not only did he miss how many states we have, he missed it really badly and didn’t catch his own error after he said it. That means that it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue and I have trouble believing that Obama is so ignorant that he simply didn’t know how many states we have. So, what explains his mistake?

Honestly, my first thought was that he was so coked up that he lost track of how many states we have. Is that implausible? Not at all. This is a guy who admits that he has used cocaine and was headed towards being a junkie at one point. Could he be back at it during a stressful campaign? Sure, he could. When was the last time the guy took a drug test? Has he ever taken one?

Let’s just hope that if he gets into the White House, he isn’t using and on a coke bender if one of those 3 AM crisis calls comes in…

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