Anyone Can Post On The Internet: Jenna Bush — Reptilian!

So, I’m looking for video of Jenna Bush on YouTube and I run across a video called, “Reptilian News – Jenna Bush – Reptile Daughter(Predator 2).

I’m not going to bore you with the video, because it’s just Jenna giving an interview about her new book with distortion over her face — but, here’s a snapshot that will give you a good idea of what this dramatic proof that Jenna Bush is actually a giant Gecko looks like,

Ehr…okie dokie.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to see what else the “ArchangelSandalphon,” AKA as the lunatic posting the video, had to offer.

His other videos included,

* Reptilian News – Producers cut in(Screaming in ear)-HiSsSiNg

* Galactic Federation of Light – Messege from Ashtar Command

* DNA Awakening – Clarion Call for Human Angels to Awake NOW

* Reptilian News – Laura Bush – like mother like daughter

* Reptilian News – Drew Carey – The Price is Reptilian

* Reptilian News – Mitt Romney vs Rudy Giuliani

* Special Messege from Alex Jones – Fight the Reptilians

Now, I know that you may be tempted to just laugh this guy off, but several of his videos have 9500 plus views and believe it or not, he has the 94th most subscribed to channel on all of YouTube this month. That’s not that many people, he has only 132 total subscribers, but still…it suggests that there is a little too much “crazy” on YouTube.

PS: While looking through some of these nut vids, I ran across a startling video that may explain a lot things: Reptilian Ron Paul.

Think about it, folks. If Ron Paul is actually a lizard, it would explain a lot. I mean, why hasn’t he quite got the mannerisms of human politicians down yet? Could it be because he has been laying on a warm rock and eating flies for the last few years? Why is he so hellbent on talking about the Gold standard? Because the Reptilians need more gold for the rockets in their lizard ships. Why does he want to get rid of the CIA? So that they won’t be able to stop the Reptilian invasion. It all makes sense now….

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