Why Apathetic Youth Are the Deciders of Elections

“Not to vote, is to vote. Not to act, is to act.” We’ve been told since we were young that voting in elections is an Americans’ civic duty. In fact, I submit that voting is the greatest blessing bestowed upon us. Consider how many countries around the world don’t allow for people to pick their leaders; would you want to live like that?


Young people in America are voting in fewer and fewer numbers than at any other point in history. The number one complaint that I hear from my generation is that they feel like they don’t have any candidates that reflect their views, whatever those may be. They view Republicans and Democrats as two wings on the same corrupted bird, and no matter who they vote for, policies and practices will never change. Because of this, they decide not to engage themselves in politics, and unknowingly become the swing vote. The left is taking advantage of this by finding out what issues interest the youth (i.e., gay rights, increased minimum wage, amnesty, etc.) and championing those causes, thereby acquiring a portion of the youth vote.


We live in an age where more people watch the Kardashians than watch the news. Why is this? People want to be mindlessly entertained. It’s easier to discuss Kim’s latest fashion faux pas than it is to discuss the morality of abortion, or the true benefits of war. If you flip on the news, at any given point the anchors will be complaining about ever-rising gas prices, the latest tragic shooting, and a Congress in what seems to be a permanent stalemate. People, especially the youth, feel powerless to do anything about it, so they don’t even try. They view all politicians as corrupt, and they think it’s pointless to vote for anyone, because it will just be more of the same. I can’t say I blame them.


Unfortunately, these apathetic non-voters are deciding elections. By not voicing their opinions,  they are effectively handing over control of very important decisions about their states and country to people who don’t know they exist, let alone have their best interests at heart. By passing on one of the most important privileges that American’s have, these kids are essentially saying they don’t care about the future of this country. They are willing to allow those with potentially less-than-noble intentions make decisions for them, and that’s scary.

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