As The Iraqis Have Stood Up, The Mainstream Media Has Stood Down

As things have steadily improved in Iraq, cough, cough, coincidentally, cough, cough, the press has steadily gotten less interested in reporting what’s happening. Take a look at the numbers,

“The number of embedded reporters in Iraq has plummeted 74 percent over the past nine months, from 219 in September 2007 to a low of 58 in June, as U.S. troop casualties have plunged, according to Department Of Defense data analysis by Staff Writer Kevin Mooney. U.S. casualties were down 84 percent in May and 75 percent in June from year-ago numbers, for example.

The number of embedded reporters peaked in September 2007, the month Gen. David Petraeus testified in Congress that the surge strategy was working and that violence was decreasing in the country. Immediately following Gen. Petraeus’ testimony came the largest single-month drop off in embedded reporters in October — from 219 to 78.”

The liberals in the mainstream media fell all over themselves reporting bad news from Iraq, but now that the news has improved, they’re not so interested.

Now, some people will justify that by saying, “if it bleeds, it leads,” but that’s just not good enough in this case. By over-covering the bad news and then largely ignoring the good news, the media has left a lot of Americans with a false impression — which is just the way the MSM likes it.

If they actually gave the improvement in Iraq the attention it deserves, the American people might recall that George Bush, John McCain, and the GOP largely supported the surge while the Left, including Barack Obama, almost universally said it wouldn’t work.

The MSM can’t have that and thus, they’ve suddenly become as uninterested in reporting what’s happening today as they were interested in reporting every negative detail when things weren’t going as well.

PS: Barack Obama has no experience and is therefore running on his judgment. The fact that his judgment was so far off the mark about the surge really should create a lot of doubt about his competence to lead the country because after all, if he has no experience and has no judgment, what makes him fit to be President?

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