Blasphemy! The New Messiah Is Heckled At Israel’s Holiest Site

Don’t these Orthodox Jews know who the ObamaMessiah is? They’re supposed to be fainting for him, not heckling him for using their holy site as a mere political prop,

Barack Obama completed his trip to the Middle East with a pre-dawn visit to the holiest place in Judaism where he received a mixed reaction from Orthodox Jews.

The US presidential nominee was heckled as he visited the Western Wall in the early hours of Thursday morning, bowing his head in prayer and observing traditional custom by placing a folded piece of paper into the crevice of the wall.

Orthodox men interrupted their morning prayers to catch a glimpse of the Illinois senator, reaching out to shake his hand as he passed them by. But not all were taken by the Democrat. One yelled out: “Obama, Jerusalem is not for sale!” before Mr Obama was whisked away to his waiting plane.

But wait, I thought the ObamaMessiah is so beloved that the whole world would immediately love and cherish America like their long lost mothers if we elect him as President?

Gee, maybe people shouldn’t believe the hype because the world’s endless love for Obama will fade in short order, just like the world’s endless sympathy for the US did shortly after 9/11.

Hat tip to Allison Sommer from Pajamas Media for the story.

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