Atheists for Democrats!

Believe it or not, the following “personal fundraising” pitch you’re about to read actually comes from the Democratic Party’s Home Page.

So, get out your wallets and get ready for the….Atheists for Democrats!

“Step up to the plate!

I’m sick of talking about how quickly this country is headed toward a theocracy. I want to do something.

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Contributing money to fund Democratic candidates is one of the best ways we can make a difference.”

Wow, that’s a big surprise, isn’t it? Atheists thinking the best thing they can do to help spread atheism is to give money to Democrats?

And oh yeah, we’re really headed towards a theocracy. Ya know, any day now we’ll be throwing out the Constitution and replacing it with the Bible. In fact, the only thing left to debate at this point is whether to use the Old or New Testament….These people are so paranoid, so out there…

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