Daily News For February 17, 2006


Texas Sheriff: Dick Cheney Won’t Face Charges

Crybaby Critics Slam Cheney’s Interview Choice

Bush: Cheney ‘Profoundly Affected’ by Accident

Senate Rejects Wiretapping Probe (Free WAPO Reg Req)

US Lawmakers Call For Review Of Dubai Port Deal (Good Idea)

White House Defends Port Sale To Arab Co

The Bribery Woes Of Democratic Congressman William J. Jefferson


Rice Wants Funds For Democracy Initiative In Iran (Applause)

France: Iran Nuke Program a Military Cover

U.N. Report Urges Gitmo Shutdown (Shove It Kofi)

Recruiting Suicide Bombers Ruled Not Terrorism. Italian Judges Uphold Acquittals For Men Seeking Recruits To Fight U.S. Troop

Britain: Extremist Muslim Groups To Be Banned

Female Reporter Stoned For Not Wearing A Headscarf At Turkish Cartoon Protest

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Hugh Hewitt’s Entertaining Interview With A Crabby Helen Thomas (She Hung Up On Him At The End)

Jon Ham: White House Press Corps Exposed

Mark Steyn: Salute Danna Vale

Hugh And Mark Steyn Go Hunting On Al Gore, David Gregory, The U.N., George Will

Byron York: The Little-Noticed Order That Gave Dick Cheney New Power


HBO’s Gumbel: Lack of Blacks Makes Olympics ‘Look Like a GOP Convention’

Congress Gets Hustler Magazine, Even If It Is Unwanted

Gang Rape Or Orgy? Woman Making False Rape Accusation Busted On Video (Some Bad Language. Very Graphic)

Humor: Leave a Message in the Anonymous Muslim Man Complaint Box (Some Bad Language)

Website Of The Day: Euphoric Reality

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