Atheists Force Grieving Mom To Take Down Cross From Memorial Site Where Her Son Was Killed

Atheists Force Grieving Mom To Take Down Cross From Memorial Site Where Her Son Was Killed

I often feel atheists unbelief, torments them so much that they sit around and stew in their envy of other people’s belief. Their bullyish behavior on my facebook page and in the other public forums: demonstrates such an acceptable intolerance and ignorance for others that it rarely surprises me what they might do or say. I am disgusted that these humanists have seen fit to bully a grieving mother because they disagree with her and that this hate-behavior is being allowed, even encouraged by the law.

Cross for grieving mom

A grieving California mom who, under pressure from an atheist group, went to the site where her son was killed to remove a memorial cross was met at the scene by a throng of supporters who planted crosses of their own.

“They said they have to take that one down,” Doug Johnson, a Riverside resident who traveled to the site with his daughter and six home-made crosses, told The Riverside Press-Enterprise. “But they didn’t say anything about putting another one up.”

AnnMarie Devaney agreed to remove a 5-foot cross she put up on the side of a road in Lake Elsinore to honor her 19-year-old son Anthony, who was struck by a car and killed two years ago, the paper reported. The American Humanist Association in Washington, D.C., caught wind of the cross and sent her a demand letter dated March 4 calling for her to remove it. The association said that its placement on city property violates the constitutional separation of church and state.

“It’s so petty and sad that they have to complain over removing a cross,” she said. “It’s his personal preference that he was Christian. What’s wrong with having a cross up?”

Devaney was emotional when she was at the site and said she was moved by her supporters. She was joined by her family and other families that brought their own cross.

There is nothing American or humanist about the American humanist association in DC. They want to strip the humanity of every being who recognizes their creator. Their judgmental and cold approach to forcing their beliefs is: an outright: attack on the First Amendment of free speech AND freedom of religion. There IS NO wording in the Constitution that says that Americans cannot worship how, where or what they may. This bogus separation of church and state is not written in the Constitution. The: First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ….” and Article VI specifies that “no religious Test shall ever be required…” Neither imply that there can be no public religious observance. On the contrary the First Amendment clause of free speech states that no one: shall curtail anothers freedom to express themselves.

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