Autistic girl, 15, starved to weigh only 60 lbs ‘was forced to live on a tiny feces-covered mat by her parents’

Autistic girl, 15, starved to weigh only 60 lbs ‘was forced to live on a tiny feces-covered mat by her parents’

A 15-year-old girl was forced to live on a tiny waste-soaked mat by her parents, who beat and starved her until she weighed just 60lbs.

Jade Marie Jacobs

The girl, who doctors believe has autism or another learning disability, was left earlier this month at an Atlanta hospital by her mother, who said she ‘could not do it anymore’, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. The 35-year-old mother, Jade Marie Jacobs, was arrested on malicious child cruelty and authorities in Gwinnett County are still looking for her husband, William Brown, 40, to charge him with the same. After the mother went to the hospital, police went to the couple’s home – where the family had only lived for a few weeks – and found the girl’s allegedly grim living conditions. They came across a tiny room containing a 2ft by 2ft mat, which they believed the girl was forced to live on.

‘There was a tile floor with a small two-by-two foot mat along with some clothes that were stained with feces and urine,’ Gwinnett Police Cpl. Ed Ritter told WSB.

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‘There were actually feces on the floor and the entire room smelled of feces and urine.’

Authorities also found three other girls, aged nine, 11 and 13, living at the home. These girls did not show any signs of abuse but have been taken in by social services, the AJC reported. Doctors said the teen had cuts and bruises consistent with beatings, while pressure sores suggested she had been kept for a long time in a small place, the police report said.

Jacobs told the hospital that her daughter’s bruises were from a fight with her sisters and that she was so underweight because she refused to eat – but nurses said she was desperate to eat. The girl may have a learning disability because of an injury she received as a baby while living in Baltimore, Maryland, Ritter said. That case prompted a criminal investigation, he said. Records seen by MailOnline show she was charged with child abuse, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment in 2000. The records note the charges stemmed from putting the baby in hot bath water. In this latest case, Jacobs was denied bond after a judge deemed she was a threat to the allegedly abused girl.

This disgusting woman gave up on her autistic daughter long before dropping her off at the hospital. Thank goodness these kids have been saved.

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