Back From CPAC!

It was just as much fun as I thought it would be. I got to meet a bunch of online friends that I hadn’t yet met in person, especially the RFCRadio guys and it was a blast! Let’s start with some pictures!

The first pic is me and Thomas LaDuke at the RFCRadio booth. Next is me with a Fox News reporter that I can’t remember his name, but he interviewed Liz Cheney right after that. Michelle Bachman spoke. She is fantastic. I put her and Liz Cheney up there at the top with the most intelligent wonderful women in the Republican party. Next is lunch with my buddies, co host Molly Tiechman, Jennifer from Dumure Thoughts, and Tabitha Hale. Next Ed Morrissey from HotAir interviewing Tim Pawlenty (who is supposed to call into SmartGirlNation radio for our Tues. show, we shall see). And then Michelle Malkin and myself. I got to have a good convo with her at the Freedomworks party and she is just a doll. A genuine sweet person. I love her. Then I got to meet Liz Cheney. She introduced the surprise guest, her Dad, Dick Cheney and the crowd loved it. His line, “Obama will be a one term President” brought down the house. Then I’m with my girls, Tabitha Hale and Cheryl Prader. I also got to meet and talk to Dick Armey and Sen. Mike Pence (who seemed full of himself, but that’s just my impression). I also got to spend time with John Hawkins, our wonderful host here, but managed not to get a pic of just me and him. But you can see him in the background of the pic of me and Michelle Malkin. More pics:

The first is a pic with a comedian that plays Pres. Bush. When I walked up there was a group of young people there and this young girl thought it was the President and was gushing and going on and on. It was too funny. Then he told her who he was and she was mortified. But he was really nice and asked her if she would let him put the video of it on his blog and she said yes. Next is someone I have written about many time. Col. Allen West. He is running for Congress and he really is what I hope to be the new face of the Republican party, diverse, hard core conservative, intelligent, and strong. Next is the view from the balcony of the ballroom where everyone spoke. This was were we were at blogger’s row. Then there is Andrew Brietbart, who I will discuss later. The last pic is where I sat on blogger’s row. There was a room behind that one with tons of bloggers as well. I have some more pics of people like John Bolton and Rick Santorum, but let’s get started on my overview of CPAC. When Ron Paul won the 2012 Presidential straw poll for 2012, the entire place booed. The Ron Paul supporters always try and stack these things. It in no way represented what everyone was feeling here. Like Ann Coulter said, other than foreign policy, Ron Paul is right on on most issues. The problem is that his supporters are for him because of foreign policy. Mitt Romney came in second and he is the one who will be the nominee in my opinion. He has the name recognition and is right on the issues and has a great family and knows how to run a successful business. He isn’t perfect and he has made mistakes on issues, but I tell you, when he introduced Scott Brown (who he supported when no one knew his name) they looked AWFUL good standing there together on stage. I could see that ticket…;-)

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Liz Cheney, Dick Cheney, Michelle Bachman, Sen. Mike Pence, and Mitt Romney all gave great speeches, but the most interesting speeches came from Brietbart, and of course, Glenn Beck. Briebart basically said to the left and the media that he had been a part of them, and knew their moves. He knew the ugliness that they will stoop to and the lies they will spread, and that we are not taking it anymore. Breibart is an interesting guy. He is totally non religious, but very conservative. Like Roger Simon of PJTV, he sees this from strictly a constitutional perspective. They see it as our country’s founding beliefs being worn away. They see it as we are literally fighting for Democracy in it’s true form. They are right of course. Briebart is bombastic, gruff, and doesn’t censor himself. You should read him when he gets in tweet wars with the Hollywood left. Oh boy.

Wanted to add this. I got to meet Jimmy LaSalvia of GOProud, the Republican gay organziation and he couldn’t have been nicer. CNN spent an hour at his booth trying to catch some controversy, but when one agrees with 97% of what we believe, we don’t focus on what we don’t agree on. People ought not to be only defined by their sexuality.

Glenn Beck best summed up the feelings of the people at CPAC. He blasted the Republican party. He said the Democrats were the party of “Tax and Spend,” while the Republicans were just the party of “Spend,” and it’s got to stop. He said the Republicans better wake up and get it. He was cheered throughout. He brought his blackboard. He explained that “progressivism” is a disease eating away at our country. In both parties. He told the story of how we got the Statue of Liberty. He spoke of how the Statue of Liberty’s feet have chains around them, broken, and she is stepping forward into freedom. He read the part we all know..”Give me you huddled masses,” but he read much more and it was…beautiful. In the end this is all about love for our country. It is about loving the idea that our founding father’s had of a country of freedom and opportunity for all. In the end, we see our country as diminishing into something we don’t recognize. I honestly didn’t hear Obama’s name much at all. He is only part of a much bigger problem. The problem of seeing the government as the answer, instead of understanding that it is the problem. I hope Republican politicians got it. I hope they got the message. Because understanding it means a big win this year. Understanding it means we take our country back. Not understanding it means….I’m not sure what it means. I’m not sure I want to know what that means. Anyway, on a personal level, I had a wonderful time. I met great people. On a political level, it was encouraging that the speakers said all the right things. It was encouraging to see that at least they understood fundamentally why and how so many Americans are upset. We shall see if they really do understand.

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