Baldilocks Goes With God, So Exactly Where Is LGF’s Mad King Charles Going?

Longtime conservative blogger Baldilocks, a former Pajamas Media staffer, was banished Sunday: from Little Green Footballs,: where Charles Johnson’s: insane jihad against his erstwhile friends and allies has become: one of the most: embarrassing spectacles in the history of the blogosphere. “He’s like a troll with his own website,” as one commenter at Ace of Spades HQ said.

This latest and most remarkable banishment: happened after I mentioned on my blog Sunday morning that, after waging a weeklong battle against: Mad King Charles’s dishonest personal attacks on me, I had received a note of encouragement from Baldilocks, a fellow Christian. (When you pray that God will send you angels,: be on the lookout: for those “angels unawares.”): In acknowledging: her “clean break” with LGF, Baldilocks tells Johnson “We’ll see who will be the victor in the end,” and then offers this benedictory prayer:

May the Lord Jesus Christ open your eyes before it’s too late.

Too late? Maybe. At any rate, after seeing Ace complain about commenters who: were hijacking discussions by bringing up: the “Little Green Meltdown” on every thread, I got creative:

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Your Unofficial ‘Ongoing Self-Destruction of LGF’s Charles Johnson’ Thread

The Lizard King’s final destination? As I wrote last week:

Charles Johnson is already in a very deep hole and, at the frantic pace he’s digging now, can be expected to reach the fiery pit of hell no later than next Thursday.

And unlike my Christian friend Baldilocks,: most of the: conservatives Johnson has: backstabbed in the past two year: will only: wish him bon voyage.

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