Barack Obama accused of crime against humanity for killing Bin Laden

From the LA Times:

Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president who ordered the Seal Team Six to kill Osama bin Laden, is now being accused of committing a crime against humanity for the act that sent countless people to the streets to celebrate.

Daniel Fiol, a Spanish lawyer, submitted a written complaint to the International Criminal Court accusing Obama of violating the Geneva Convention, according to the Telegraph UK.

Fiol wrote that the terrorist leader should have been “pursued, arrested, tried and convicted” as opposed to being assassinated in his hideout in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

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I hope now that maybe the left in this country begin to understand that there will be people in this world that will hate us no matter who our President is, or what our President does. They didn’t hate Bush because of who he was. They don’t hate Obama for who he is. They hate both of them because they are American.

Seeing this burning of Obama in effigy, just ticks me off. I may not agree with anything that Obama does, but he’s still our President. These hate filled idiots who burn our President over the death of Osama will never feel anything but hate for us. Maybe the left will get this now.

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