Be a Part of Fistory!

I’m telling you, this just brightens my day — and I’ve been having a good one already!

Those guys at the People’s Cube are simply the best. One of those sharp cookies over there bought the domain name .com for the most-likely alternate version of Cindy Sheehan’s new organizing website, “Peace of the Action,” which is found only at the .org domain. As noted at the People’s Cube:

A People’s Cube member who discovered their omission immediately bought for us to play with. Why is it important? He who never automatically typed “.com” while looking for a “.org” site, hasn’t really experienced all the wonders of the Internet. Typing “.com” is a shared human trait and it has been taken advantage of by many before us.

Long story short, our new looks much like, only it calls things by their real names. That includes describing the fist-shaking organizers as “fisters” – which, according to our recent discovery, is what they really are. That, of course, involved some recycling of our old material.

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I’ve made compare-and-contrast screencaps for the full riot-effect:


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Hat Tip: Nice Deb.

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