Before Hillary Starts To Move The White House Furniture Back In, She Better Do Something About Those Poll Numbers

The way they talk about Hillary — you’d almost think she was destined to be President. The mainstream press dotes on her, Republicans fear her, and any cleverly crafted poll that makes her look good gets press for days.

However, she has a critical flaw that certainly makes me unlikely to support her candidacy were I a Democrat: her poll numbers stink.

That jumps right off the page at you when you take a look at the latest data from Rasmussen polling:

“”If Senator Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2008, just 26% of Americans say they would definitely vote for her. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that 41% would definitely vote against the former First Lady.

…In states John Kerry won by less than five points in Election 2004, 30% say they would definitely vote for Senator Clinton while 36% would definitely vote against. These six states have 72 Electoral Votes and are essential to any plans for Democrats to recapture the White House.

In the four states that President Bush won by less than five points, 22% of voters will definitely vote for Mrs. Clinton. Forty percent (40%) say they will definitely vote against her. These states have 42 Electoral Votes.

Ideologically, there is no change in perceptions of New York’s junior Senator compared to recent surveys. Forty-five percent (45%) continue to believe that she is politically liberal,….Thirty-two percent (32%) of Americans view the former First Lady as a moderate while 8% believe she is politically conservative.

…Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Americans have a favorable opinion of Senator Clinton. Forty-five percent (45%) have an unfavorable view. That’s down from 42% favorable and 40% unfavorable in our previous survey.”

Spin it anyway you like it, these are terrible numbers. Geeze, Hillary even has a higher unfavorable rating (45%) than Kerry did at the END of the 2004 campaign.

Those are particularly scary numbers for Democrats because other than Robert Byrd & Ted Kennedy, Hillary probably has more baggage than any other Senator up on Capitol Hill and some of it, like her shady “cattle futures” deals will still make for potent campaign commercials in 2008.

Hillary isn’t another Dukakis or Mondale, but she’s not looking like a particularly good candidate either at this point.

Hat tip to the The Drunk Report for the story.

*** Update #1 ***: Correction: One sentence from the post was removed because it was based on a misreading of the original article.

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