Believing Barack

We can expect more tap dancing on a grand scale from a future President
Obama based on his response to the women banned from his photo op the
other day. Gateway Pundit via Debbie Schlussel
finds that the women are not sweet little Muslim girls who were
discriminated against by Obama but rather radical anti-Israel activists
and friends. That’s interesting enough, but it’s Obama’s response to
these two yahoos that’s more interesting. When CAIR suggested he personally call them and apologize, he did.

Obama stepped in it over the unpartitioned Jerusalem and backtracked. Obama just generally seems befuddled
a lot. Like most politicians, he’ll say anything to anyone for one
reason: to get elected. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this
though, is that no one will believe him. People need to believe the
word of the Commander-in-Chief.

George W. Bush is hated because
of his policies and because of his beliefs. He also has the temerity to
follow through with his word. So, conservatives are angry about illegal
immigration and No Child Left Behind, but can anyone act surprised?
Bush did what he said he was going to do.

Barack Obama says
anything to anyone. As President, he’s preside like he’s campaigning:
appeasing everyone. It worked for Bill Clinton, but this is not Bill
Clinton’s world. America, for all the Left’s denial, is at war and will
still be in November should the Savior take the helm. Tough decisions
requiring coherent ideas will make enemies. Maybe, at that point, Obama
won’t care. I suspect he won’t. He will have won the prize and that’s
the goal. America’s standing is secondary to the symbolic magnificence
of Obama in the White House.

He appeases now. He will appease later. It’s a disturbing thought.

Cross-posted at Dr. Melissa Clouthier

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