Dumpster Muffin Fends Off Civilization

The other day it looked like authorities had finally gotten tired of fooling around with the moonbats who have been infesting the trees near Memorial Stadium in Berkeley for the last year and a half, ostensibly to protest the building of a new sports facility. However, the saga continues.

UC Berkeley’s tough new policy is to cut supply lines and to remove those treetards who don’t put up a fight. Congenitally cowardly, university officials snivel that they will not put anyone at risk by forcing them to come down, despite the danger that hippies will continue to fall out on their own.

This leaves the moonbats free to carry on with their spectacle. Zombie reports:

The sitters had constructed an insanely perilous aerie towering far above the highest branches. It was occupied by a protester with the too-perfect name Dumpster Muffin (yes, her name really is Dumpster Muffin), who would go into convulsions whenever one of the dismantlement-minded arborists neared her outpost. She’d screech and scream and shake the platform violently, forcing her opponents (who were dangling from a cable attached to a crane) to back off, fearing she’d martyr herself by plummeting to the ground rather than be captured. Using this technique repeatedly, Dumpster Muffin (seen here warily eyeing the crane in the distance) successfully defended her perch, to cheers from supporters down below.

A local news station has surreal video.

At least if Obama is elected, Dumpster Muffin will have to come down — unless she wants to turn down her likely appointment as Secretary of the Interior.

Dumpster Muffin eyes the crane from atop her perch. Via zomblog.

On a tip from Burning Hot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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