Best New Blogging Trend: Chick Pic Blogging

If I were asked to vote for my favorite blogging trend, it would be attractive women creating blogs featuring lots and lots of pictures of themselves.

First it was Xiaxue and now I’ve found another one, Diary Of A Fired Flight Attendant.

You know what? Someone should do the Nick Denton thing with this whole concept. They could find maybe 15-20 attractive women, set up their blogs and advertising for them for — let’s say, keep 40% of the take? I bet they could make a bundle.

That’s not just talk either. Xiaxue? According to her stats tracker, she’s doing 9,000 to 10,000 daily uniques per day. The flight attendant? According to her blog she has had “1,822,124 visitors since January 11th, 2004.”

Give me 20 blogs like those two to manage and with cross promotion I bet you I could get half of them over 10,000 uniques a day in a year, and maybe a few to 20,000+ in that same time frame. That would make a heck of a fall back career in case this whole conservative blogging gig doesn’t pan out, right?

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