Excerpt Of The Day: What Politicians Don’t Have The Guts To Say About Moderates

“Can you name great presidents who were known as moderates? Can you name any important historical speeches or writings that called for greater moderation?

By definition, moderates are not leaders. Leaders confront evil and pounce on opportunities. They ask us for excellence and sacrifice. They make decisions and take responsibility for them. Rather than accept the direction the stream is taking us, they pilot and they paddle. They take sides. Really good leaders respond to threats and opportunities which are far away, and can see beyond the way things are to the way things ought to be.

…Moderates don’t take risks. They look at things the way they are now and the way they’re headed – and split the difference.

Sometimes people call themselves moderates because they’re not bright enough or interested enough to have positions on important issues. It’s easy to see both sides, but it takes thought, knowledge and courage to decide which side is right.” — Alan Aker

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