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Since I’m going to be gone all next week on vacation, I thought I should come up with something big enough to keep you occupied for a while in my absense. Towards that end, I went through all of my posts to the main page of RWN, left out the posts from the humor category and skipped the bigger articles archived on the left like interviews, columns, & ACPOTI and then I took the “best of the rest” and listed them below. For those of you who haven’t been consistently reading RWN for the last year and a half or so, I think you’ll find a lot of excellent reading listed below…

11 Quick Tips For New Bloggers
According To The Guardian, America Is Practically A Dissent Free Zone
America, Superman, Liberia, & Magic Buttons
Animals, However Wonderful They May Be, Are Not People
Battle Of The Klansmen
The Christopher Hitchens Democrats
The Columbine Massacre Wasn’t All Bad? What?
A Conversation About Abortion
Cutting Away The Chafe — Why Are We Really Hitting Iraq?
Defending America Is Now A Partisan Issue
The Difference Between The Liberal And Conservative ‘Debate’ Over The War On Terrorism
Electricity?!? Who Needs Electricity?!?
FDR & The Rattlesnakes Of The Ocean
Fisking Bob Herbert & Explaining What’s Going On In Iraq
Five Things Other Conservative Websites Do That Annoy Me
I Didn’t Forget The 9/11 Celebrations
If The Democrats Are So Enlightened, Where Are The Black Democrats Representing White Districts?
I’m Not A Fan Of School Breakfast & Lunch Programs
Islam Is Not Our Enemy
I’ve Never Heard Of Those Guys
Jimmy Carter’s Wisdom In Reverse
Letting Sleeping Godzillas Lie
The Neocon Myth
John Hawkins — Political Gun For Hire Part 4
The Laffer Curve & Tax Cuts
The Left’s Patriotism Persecution Complex
More Members Of The VRWC
“Moralizers”, “Bible Thumpers”, & “Social Conservatives”
The Non-Existent Anti-Immigrant Agenda
The North Korean Twilight Zone
Our Tax System — The Flatter The Better
Patrick Henry & The Bookbag Massacre!
The Problem With Our Schools Isn’t The Money
The Real ‘Dynamics Of A Blogosphere Story’
The Secret Constitutional Clause Exercise
Sweet, Sweet Isolationism — You’re So, So Tempting!
Squashing The Dissent Of The Dixie Chicks
Walmart Vs. The DMV
We Can’t Beat The Terrorists With Defense
The VRWC Commemorative Knives Are In
VRWC Spam Letter To Europe
Why Democrats Are Losing The South

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