The Best Of RWN’s Humor For 2003

More material to sort through while I’m away, the best of RWN’s humor for 2003!

Behind The Scenes In Iraq With Wolf Streisand
Cable News Coverage Of The War
Collect Call from Carrot-Top Not Accepted
Constant ‘Joke’ Calls From White House Putting Further Strain On Relations Between US And UN
Dean Hates Bush More Than Kerry
Dont Believe On American Democracy! Is A Farse!! Your People Will Be A American Slave, Like On Porto Rico And Mexico!
Financial Advice
A Frank Guide to Homeland Security Alert Levels
French PM: ‘It’s Great to Be Collaborating with Germany Again!’
I Am A Paecemaker! Peace Is My Gun!
In My World: Bush and Chirac Personally Supervise Inspections
Iraqi Disarmament Argument (Based On Monty Python’s “Argument Clinic” Skit)
The Jacques Chirac Apology Song
Juan Gato’s Handy Dandy Translation Guide For Anti-War Protestors
Liberals On The High Seas
North Korea — Vacation Paradise?
A Pictorial Guide To The ‘Axis Of Weasels’
Presidential War Lies
Profile: Patton
Rumsfeld Sorry for ‘Axis of Weasels’ Remark
RWN’s Guide To Raising Your Dog
Saddam Is Counting On You!
The Theme Song For The Human Shields
U.S. Finds Iraq Contractor With No Political Ties
What If The Matrix Was Guarded By Homeland Security?

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