Best Of The Bloggers In 2004

Ah, there are few things we bloggers love more than sweet, sweet, recognition which is why I decided to put together a little list of just some of the people who deserved a little more acknowledgment for what they did last year…

Best Blog In Iraq: Iraq The Model
Best RWN Poster In The Comments: Right Thinking Girl
Best Blogger: Glenn Reynolds, who blogs so much you’d think there were two of him.
Best Columnist: Mark Steyn is the Michael Jordan of his profession.
Best New Blogger: Michelle Malkin by a landslide…
Biggest Blog Tease: Rachel Lucas, who’s hopefully back for good now (cross your fingers).
The Best Non-Blog For Content: National Review
The Best Non-Blog For Links To Interesting News: Lucianne
The Blog I Intend To Read More Of In 2005: Tie: Alarming News & Jihad Watch
The Blog I Used To Think Was Just OK, But Now I Think Is Awesome Award: Poliundit, they didn’t change anything, I just started paying more attention.
The Blogger Most Likely To Have A Syndicated Column in 300 Papers In Five Years Who Doesn’t Already Have A Syndicated Column, Which Means That James Lileks Isn’t Eligible Award: La Shawn Barber
The Blog That Gets An Award Just Because They Constantly Link To Me: YoungPundit
The Funniest Blogger Who Doesn’t Do A Humor Blog: They don’t get any funnier than Tim Blair
The ‘I Wish He Was On Our Side’ Award: This goes to Mickey Kaus, who spends all year masterfully dissecting every flaw the Democrats have and then proceeds to vote for them when elections roll around =D
The Most Overblown Story Of 2004 Award: Torture at Abu Ghraib, which was perpetrated by a few perverts and would have dropped off the front pages in a couple of days had there been no pictures, was blown up into a major scandal by Democrats and biased journalists who were desperate to use it to attack the Bush administration.
The Most Underrated Blog On The Right: Right Thinking From The Left Coast
The Next Glenn Reynolds Award: Betsy’s Page deserves this. It’s nice to see another “linker” on the right side of the blogosphere start to build up some traffic.
The ‘Time Was Right, They Were The Blog Of The Year Award’: Power Line
Too Much Talent To Waste Award: This goes to Allah, who just disappeared with no explanation one day. Come back A-Double Lizzle, come back!
The ‘You Sure Ain’t A Daily Read Anymore’ Award: Andrew Sullivan

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