My Favorite 20 Political Websites On The Net (Non-Blogs)

Here are my favorite 20 political websites on the net (non-blogs), in order. Do keep in mind that these sort of lists change all the time. Websites go up and down, pages come on and go off the list, etc, etc. With that being said, here are my current selections…

20) Tech Central Station
19) Steyn Online (*** Note: I end up reading most of Steyn’s columns on other pages. That’s why this page doesn’t rank higher ***)
18) The Weekly Standard
17) ChronWatch
16) Men’s News Daily
15) Boortz
14) The Rush Limbaugh Show
13) Glenn Beck Program
12) Front Page Magazine
11) Jewish World Review
10) Hundred Percenter
9) TownHall
8) Blacksheep News
7) Cybercast News Service
6) World Net Daily
5) Newsmax
4) Real Clear Politics
3) National Review
2) The Drudge Report
1) Lucianne

If you haven’t checked out these web pages, give them a look, they’re fantastic websites.

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