Best Sentence CXI

Re-discovered blogger friend Terri takes the one hundred and eleventh Best Sentence I’ve Heard Or Read Lately (BSIHORL) award. On the subject of “civil disobedience on a paper plate” (you have to skim through this New York Times article about San Francisco “food raves” to see what’s going on), she observes:

Ahh the odd belief system of the left. “We can tax as needed to afford our progressive state and then revenue will just magically rise. But when there seems to be a correlation between high taxes and free enterprise (the good kind) we’ll work around it because we’re revolutionaries! Viva Che!!”

Okay, that’s more than one sentence. It isn’t the first waiver we’ve granted and it won’t be the last.

This points up a unique trait of our modern left, one that in a sane universe would bar them from having any influence on anything, anywhere. They aren’t “left” at all; they aren’t anything. People who live on the left-to-right spectrum, anywhere, have to follow their own rules. These advocates we call “The Left” exist, not on a classic French Napoleonic/royalty spectrum of left-to-right, but on that other spectrum, authoritarianism to “libertarianism to point of anarchy.” And they occupy the two extreme ends.

Straddling this impossible divide offers them an ideological nimbleness denied to other movements, and which anyone on the outside of the leftist movement, over the longer term, cannot afford. They say, “we need a rule…” and then they say it again and again and again. Once met with the natural consequences of living in such a rigid, overly-regulated “perfect” society of their own making, they simply sidestep it all. Like Terri said above: “Because we’re revolutionaries!”

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