Bill de Blasio doing an Obama, lying to Blacks and Latinos about Stop and Frisk which he’ll keep as mayor

Bill de Blasio has promised to abolish Stop and Frisk.

de blasioHe’s lying folks and gullible Blacks and Latinos are falling for the lie.:  In a Michael Goodwin peoce in the NY Post:  De Blasio is a two-faced: pol: : 

He writes that what Bill de Blasio is telling big buck New Yorkers is a far cry of what he says on the campaign trial.

“In small groups and individual meetings, the candidate is said to be privately reassuring well-heeled New Yorkers that, despite the sweeping overhauls he talks about publicly, they can trust he will not get carried away and wreck the city.
In fact, some people came away with the impression that the Democrat was suggesting his campaign promises are just that – and will expire once he becomes mayor.”

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Just like Obama telling folks if you like your insurance you can keep it, de Blasio is lying to the minority community to get their votes!

Barack would be proud.


Originally posted at The Last Tradition

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