Bill de Blasio shamelessly uses his children campaign props to avoid scrutiny

Bill de Blasio shamelessly uses his children campaign props to avoid scrutiny

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It isn’t new for progressives to use people as props to pull at heart strings to sell an idea.For example President Obama wasted no time having doctors wearing lab coats to sell the public ObamaCare.It’s cheap theatrics that applies to the lowest common denominator.

However, Democrat candidate for Mayor Bill de Blasio is breaking new ground by having his own children appear in highly political campaigns ads making little stump speeches usually delivered by the candidate themselves.

This accomplishes two things:it gives de Blasio cute factor points because his children are very attractive.But, more importantly it immunizes him from political attacks through his children.

It’s all very unseemly.: : : 

Nevertheless, such tactics can be dangerous and backfire because if his children are front and center they become fair game if they have anything in their background that may be embarrassing to their father.

Politics is a blood sport and these two kids are soldiers in the war thanks to their Dad.

Originally published at The Last Tradition


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