Blegging For My Advertisers

You like to be surprised, right? Then click here. Yeah, go ahead, just click right here. Do it, it’ll be fun, you’ll love it.

Wait a second, you aren’t chicken, are you? You’re not going: “No mister, I’m scared to click on the blind link! I’m a little scaredy cat!”

That’s not you, right? Then just click on the link, just click on it, that’s it — that’s it — hahaha, you fell for it, sucker! How you like that? Haha, I knew I could trick you into doing — Oh wait, you — haven’t clicked on it yet?

Oh. Well, forget the “hahaha, you fell for it sucker” thing…I mean, that, that was part of a play…I mean oh, oh, a short story that I was writing about people who fell for something — it’s set in Holland — and oh — it had nothing to do with a website. It was people clicking on a – uh — a light switch, that’s it, a light switch.

So, nothing to worry about. Just click here. That’s it. Just move that mouse right over the link and click, click, click. Don’t even think about it, just do it.

That’s it — way to go — Ok, I don’t have all day here. I mean seriously, can we just get this over with? Will you just click here? I mean what — what are you saying here? That you don’t trust me? That I’m a bad person?

Ok, that hurts. It does — no, no, — don’t apologize. You said what you meant. I understand totally. I mean, I just work every day, slaving over this hot blog, to make sure that you’re entertained and informed, because I care, because I want to make things better for you, but you don’t trust me enough to do this one little thing for me. No, I already said don’t apologize. No, it’s too late now. I don’t even want you to click on this link. I’ll get over it, don’t worry, I’ve been on the net a long time. I understand how this works.

I’ll just take off now, I’ll just go somewhere, where, sniff, sniff, where I’m not in the way. I don’t want to bother anybody — wait, you will click the link? Oh, thank you so much! I don’t know how to repay you, you’re a wonderful, beautiful person, who is good, who nice, who is — you have clicked the link right? I think you did — yes — I cannot believe you fell for that. I mean, I was sitting here thinking: “No, there’s no way, nobody could buy into that” — but you did. You bought right into it, you were like one of those rats in that psychology experiment who keeps hitting that button because the little ball of cheese falls out — and they’re so happy! Oh, look at me, “I am a rat eating a little ball of cheese!” That’s you, you are the rat in this story and that is why — wait, you were tricking me weren’t you? You haven’t clicked the link, have you?

Ok, I admit I was a little gleeful there with the “rat” and the “cheese,” you know, but what about you? Yeah you! You’re no better than me…Awww, screw it. I’m going to go watch South Park on TiVo. Click on some of the links — please?

Also, there’s another banner ad available (details on the specs are here).

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