Blogging Sarah Palin’s Alaska!

As you may have heard, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” premieres November 14 at 8pm central. I’m excited to announce that I will be co-blogging the show over at “Tubular, blogging TV” at The Houston Chronicle with Bobby Hankinson. If you enjoy TV shows and haven’t been to Tubular, then you have been missing a lot of fun. Scroll the shows on the left sidebar and click on the one you want to read about. Bobby has been doing a great job with Glee for example.

Palin’s show isn’t supposed to be political, so the blogging won’t really be about that, but the Houston Chronicle is promoting this as a “red state/blue state” thing with me and Bobby. Bobby is a liberal, so expect him to make a lot of fun of Sarah, but I want to ask all of my conservative readers who comment on his blog about this show, please be as respectful. It really is supposed to be about fun, so don’t let his ribbing of her get to you. Considering that I think 60 degrees as freezing, and that staying at a beach house is as close to camping as I ever want to get, I will probably have some fun with Sarah’s love for the outdoors as well. I mean, imagine how much fun I would have if this were “Joe Biden’s Delaware.” So, keep that in mind as you read Bobby. Just be sure and read mine and comment as well!!

As you all know, I’m a big Sarah Palin fan. Her grit, her strength, her determination is just amazing. I consider myseIf a very strong person, but I could never have gone through what the left and the media put her and her family through, and remained standing. She not only remained standing, but she took them all on. She set out to change politics, and change the GOP. I think she has done an incredible job of both. She knew that the media’s obsession with her could be used to her advantage. Now, she is a household name, and her wallet is fat. Anyone who thinks she is stupid isn’t paying attention. She is smart, savvy, and outspoken.

I’m a fan, but I don’t get star struck by anyone. The last thing I would want for conservatives is for us to get all star struck over someone like the left did with Obama. Sarah and Obama are people just like us. They aren’t superheros. We can admire them for their virtues, but let us never forget that they have their vices as well. Just as we all do.

On the other hand, people are welcome not to like Sarah and to disagree with her. But maybe we could elevate the discourse and not resort to 3rd grade name calling as this WaPo reviewer does:

“Who is this woman, this fruit bat in fleece and Gore-Tex..”

Good grief. Why doesn’t he just write, “I hate Sarah Palin,” and be done with it? Sometimes I am amused at the amount of hatred that Sarah generates among the left, because she is laughing all the way to the bank, but most times I am just sad that we have come to a point in society where calling someone a “fruit bat” is considered a “review” by the Washington Post.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoy my Tubular blog on the show. I’ll be linking it here on Sunday night!

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