Bob Graham, Dumb Republicans, Impeachment, & The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Bob Graham, Dumb Republicans, Impeachment, & The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Dan Quayle was relentlessly lampooned and treated as the dumbest man alive for misspelling the word potato despite the fact that he was given a card with the word spelled incorrectly on it. So will Bob Graham get the same treatment for saying this?

“I would not use the three-letter word,” the Florida senator told reporters. “I would use the five-letter word: deceit. That (Bush) deceived the American people by allowing into a State of the Union speech at a critical point when he was making the case for war with Iraq, a statement that he either knew was wrong or should have known was wrong.”

I’ll answer my own question; no he won’t because he’s a Democrat. Reagan, Quayle, or W, they might be called stupid, but a Democrat? No way, the press doesn’t tar people on their side as ‘stupid.’

But Graham had more to say…

“If Democrats were in control of the House, Graham was asked if he would support impeachment.

“If the standard of impeachment that the Republicans set for Bill Clinton a personal, consensual relationship was the basis for impeachment, would not a president who knowingly deceived the American people about something as important as whether to go to war meet the standard of impeachment?” Graham asked.”

So Graham’s implying that Bush should be impeached for what he said in his State of the Union speech huh? Well, that does make perfect sense. After all, Bush did say that…

“The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

…and as it turned out, the British government had learned that Saddam Hussein had recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa. It’s outrageous! It’s worse than the Enron “scandal” where Democrats ceaselessly repeated the words “Bush”, “scandal”, & “Enron” over and over! They even have a better sounding slogan than “no war for oil”; this time it’s “Bush lied, people died!” See? It rhymes! Why don’t all the “sheeple” get this?

Just keep repeating “Bush lied” over and over again fellas — 72% of the American public has already tuned you out to the point where they don’t even know this “scandal” is happening. You can only cry “wolf”…ehr “scandal” so many times without a payoff before much of the public starts to ignore you. Happily, the Democrats seem to have already reached that point…

PS: In case Bob Graham is reading, the word “scandal” has 7 letters in it…

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