Heredity Caused Death Sentence in ‘Bad Blood’ Case By Scott Ott

Heredity Caused Death Sentence in ‘Bad Blood’ Case By Scott Ott: Pennsylvania jurors who sentenced Landon May to death in December credit heredity for their decision.

Mr. May, who with an accomplice tortured and murdered a man and woman, and raped the woman, has appealed the sentence on the grounds that he inherited “bad blood” from his father, also a convicted murderer.

The jurors however, say they inherited “good blood” from their parents, genetically predisposing them to serve justice.

“It was fate,” said one unnamed jurist, “We couldn’t help ourselves. After hearing the evidence of the 200 wounds inflicted on the victims, we sentenced Mr. May to death. We don’t deny that he was genetically bent to kill. But he got a jury that was born to convict and to faithfully apply the righteous judgment of the law.”

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