Books For Soldiers

Not long ago, I made a page called Books For Soldiers the RWN website of the day. Here’s their pitch…

“Books For Soldiers is a soldier support site that ships books, DVDs and supplies to deployed soldiers and soldiers in VA hospitals, via our large volunteer network.

If you have old, but useable paperback books sitting around, collecting dust, why not send them to a soldier for a big morale boost?

Many of our volunteers have received email and letters from the soldiers they have adopted.

Help us out, help the troops out, mail them your books.”

I’m posting this because I got an email from RWN reader Monique Pappas that read as follows,

“I just wanted to thank you for posting the website “Books for Soldiers”. I’ve already sent two packages of stuff to soldiers and it feels good to help them in a small way. Thanks again.”

First of all, I’m pleased to know that there soldiers somewhere who are actually going to get a package because of something I posted on RWN.

Second, this is great opportunity for people who want to help our soldiers, but don’t have a lot of money. And who wouldn’t want to get rid of a few old books they don’t read anymore if it could make life a little better for the men and women who are risking their lives for our freedom?

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