The Hate America Left Dances On Pat Tillman’s Grave

I don’t think there are words in English language strong enough to convey my disgust with the left-wingers at Indy Media who are trashing Pat Tillman, the Arizona Cardinals safety who gave up a lucrative NFL contract to serve our country as a U.S. Army Ranger, after his death in Afghanistan yesterday. I think these comments from a thead called “Dumb Jock Killed in Afghanistan” speak for themselves…

(ed harley): “how to make a difference

maybe he should have intervened when the CIA was training, funding and equiping bin Laden and Al Qaeda during the 80s. that might have actually accomplished something.”

(StevetheGreen): Headline Correction #2

“Cottled sports star allows nationalism to foster jingoistic irresponsibility resulting in his death”

or how about….

“Citizen of empire allows ignorance to cause him to die for imperialism”

or maybe……

“Capitalist chooses to kill innocents instead of cashing check”

(…): “hero fetishism and white supremacy

it’s amazing the kind of attention this insignificant incident is going to cause. well, he was rich, white, and an american. 10,000 (brown) iraqis get killed, and it barely merits a mention in the american news. how utterly f*cking sad. “

(the question of remembrance link): “the question of heroism

Were the Nazis heroes? Didn’t they also die for what they thought was right? Haven’t we all learned by now that *everyone* is doing what they think is right. The question is, what can be observed about their actions. Fighting in Iraq or in Afghanistan means you’re fighting for the wealth and power of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, et al. We now have pipelines being built across both countries. Was that worth dying for? Does dying for pipelines make one a hero? Conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq are worse than before the invasions. In Afghanistan the Northern Alliance is (supposedly) in power, which is composed of some factions that make the Taliban’s record on human rights look near respectable. In Iraq soldiers are dying daily because the Iraqi people refuse to become an occupied nation, a US colony. That is not going to stop, ever. We’ve learned that lesson time and time again. Wherever you find colonialism, you will find resistance. History has taught that the resistance always wins except in cases of undeterred genocide (such as the genocide of the Native Americans).

To be honest I wish I could feel sorry for the guy, but the truth is I really feel nothing at all. To many have died and too much money has flowed into the pockets of Dick Cheney to even worry about it. Either people will wake up, or they’ll continue to waste their lives and the lives of others for the profits of a privileged few. How long will we have to wait for people to embrace a proper remembrance of all the lives that have been lost in the past years?”

(-): “to “just an old soldier”

….Tillman made a choice and got what he deserved, nothing more. You make your choices, and you take your chances. it’s a free country, remember? Hey, “just an old soldier” – he could have worked for Halliburton or Blackwater . . .”

(GRINGO STARS): “dumb” is a perfect description of Tillman

What link is there between Osama and 9-11? No proven link.

Even if they are connected, how is Osama and Afghanistan’s government or people connected? Loosely at best. The Taliban asked for evidence that Osama was responsible for 9-11 before they handed him over, and the US balked at their sensible request.

Tillman swallows the corporate media’s BS whole, and gets all choked up ONLY when Americans die. What is the difference between an American and non-American life?

Is education at all connected with intelligence? There are several kinds of intelligence – is the ability to be obedient at a university always useful?

It seems Tillman lacks any kind of critical intelligence. How does slaughtering Afghani civilians help bring anyone to justice when there is no evidence linking the Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden to 9-11? Did Tillman ever question that maybe what comes out of his tell-a-vision might not be the gospel truth?

US soldiers in Afghanistan are war criminals who have repeatedly targeted civilians, as well as killed unarmed prisoners of war in cold blood.

Karma sure is a b*tch, isn’t it Tillman?”

Hat tip to Allah Is In The House for finding this.

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