Boy, 8-yrs TORTURED: Parents ‘force son to eat vomit, cat feces & doused in pepper spray before beating him to death’

WARNING: Graphic and horrifying story of two parents torturing their 8-yr-old boy. He was covered in pepper spray, forced to eat his own vomit, gagged and locked in a cabinet to silence his cries for help just days before his mother and her boyfriend allegedly beat him to death, according to court records published on Monday reports the Los Angeles Times.

fernandez tortured and killes 8 old boy

Gabriel Fernandez’s mother, Pearl, 30, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, 34, abused ‘every inch’ of their child before his gruesome murder in May, 2013, a Los Angeles’ court was told by prosecutors. Prosecutors claim that ‘for eight straight months, Gabriel was abused, beaten and tortured more severely than many prisoners of war,’ – even writing his own suicide note – and convened the grand jury after repeated delays in setting up a preliminary hearing for Fernandez and Aguirre who are charged with murder.

Repeated warning signs were missed by authorities and in the aftermath of Gabriel’s death two Los Angeles social workers were fired as were two supervisors according to the Los Angeles Times. The tragedy came to a head when Fernandez dialed 911 on May 22, 2013, because her son had stopped breathing. When deputies of Los Angeles County arrived she told them that her son had fallen and hit his head on a dresser, according to testimony given on Monday.

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However, the paramedics told the court that Gabriel was found in a bedroom, not breathing having suffered three broken ribs and a cracked skull. X-rays revealed BB pellets in his lungs and groin. They said that their brother was forced by their mother and her boyfriend to eat cat feces and rotten spinach and was never allowed to go to the bathroom. His mother and her boyfriend would call him gay and beat him when he played with dolls and made him wear girls’ clothes to school. He was hit with a belt buckle, a metal hanger and a wooden club and one day Fernandez knocked his teeth out with the bat.

This sustained abuse led to several reports to social services by concerned teachers but Gabriel was never removed from his home. Indeed, deputies investigated the family home and Gabriel’s school for signs of abuse and that the boy had claimed to be suicidal. Every time an incident was reported it was concluded there was no abuse and no one ever wrote up a detailed report.

The grand jurors were told by Timothy O’Quinn, a sheriff’s homicide detective, that no deputies took away items of clothing for testing. After Gabriel’s death, investigators found clothes covered in blood, BB pellet holes in them and a wooden club doused in blood.

There is nothing I can add to this but a dozen tears or so and a plea… if you suspect a child is in danger, do what you can to reach out to those parents or authorities to change the situation.

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