Bring on the football!

Alternate title: Let the FavreWatch Begin!

Countdown to kickoff: about ninety minutes. Or so. Brett Favre continues his mission to prevent Peyton Manning from ever overtaking any career NFL records in the New Orleans Superdome, where his Minnesota Viqueens are quite likely to start off the new season on a bad note.

Note to the Saints: don’t hurt him too bad tonight. He’s gotta make it through the season. Or at least halfway.

Let’s recap.

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Some of the NFL records currently in Favre’s possession: attempts; completions; interceptions; passing yards; and passing touchdowns (suck it, Manning!).

One other record coming up for Favre, should his 41-year-old body make it that far: the career starts record. Currently held by Bruce Matthews, Favre needs only 7 more starts to tie, 8 to break.

And, as regular Trog readers already know, the NFL records for fumbles and sacks are on the 2010 Favre agenda. The Favregenda.

  • With only three more fumbles, Favre will become the new NFL career fumbles leader.
  • Being sacked only fourteen more times, Favre will become the new NFL career sack-ee leader.

Naturally, The Trog is hoping that these records will remain unbroken – tied, maybe, but not broken – until October 24. Week 7, the Viqueens’ sixth game of the season. That’s the day they travel to Green Bay.

Ah, sweet Fate, grant me this wish. Let him break these records at Lambeau!

Please note that, while I am having a great time cheering on Favre’s “success,” my joviality must be taken in context. Favre’s age (Grandpa!), his indecisiveness, and most of all his jersey color demand – in fact, beg – to be made fun of. I am now and always shall be a great fan.


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