Bush Plan for Palestinian Statehood

Bush Plan for Palestinian Statehood Questioned: To be completely honest, I have no idea where Bush is even coming from with whole ridiculous idea of setting up a “provisional state.” What the hell is a “provisional state” supposed to even be and how does it help the current situation? It doesn’t deal with the thorny issues like the right of return, settlements, and splitting Jerusalem and it won’t do one thing to stop the terrorist attacks.

Furthermore, NOBODY likes the idea. Neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis want it and even the surrounding nations like Egypt and Jordan think it’s a dumb idea. I really hate to say this but John Kerry nails it right on the head when he…

“accused the Bush administration of a “catastrophic” mismanagement of the Mideast crisis, by engaging only fitfully there. “There is no continuity, there is no fundamental plan,” he said.

“They sent mixed signals to every side, if any signals at all,” Kerry said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And in the end, I think they have contributed significantly to their own dilemma and to the dilemma of the Middle East today as a result of that.”

The situation over there is critical. Israel is seriously considering reoccupying the “disputed territories”, the Palestinians are hitting the Israelis with daily terrorist attacks, and Arafat’s stock has fallen so far that no one seems to even be paying attention to him anymore. All the momentum we built by obliterating the Taliban is gone and the Bush administration seems as clueless in this situation as Jimmy Carter was in dealing with the Iranian hostage crisis. During “Operation Defensive Shield” a lot of people thought the Bush administration’s confusion was feigned to buy the Israelis some more time, but now, regrettably, it looks as if it wasn’t an act.

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