These Guys Are Too Funny

These Guys Are Too Funny To Labor In Obscurity: I never see anyone else link the “Daily Wonk List” which is odd because it’s a hilarious and regularly updated page. They basically do top 10 lists for all sort of political topics. Here’s a little taste of some of their recent stuff…

Differences Between the French and Real, All-American Spider-man:

#1: French Spider-man surrenders to Green Goblin every time.

#2: Shoots Brie from wrists instead of webbing.

#3: When danger’s afoot, exclaims, “My stinky sense is tingling!”


Palestinian “Goals” Other Than Eliminating Israel

Goal #1: Convince Yasser Arafat to take a bath.

Goal #6: Attract more female suicide bombers
by designing dynamite vest that doesn’t make their @sses look fat.

Goal #7: Negotiate with Allah to get the virgins up front, before the actual martyrdom.

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