California Girls Holiday Blogging!

A day-after holiday roundup from American Power. At left is a good friend of mine, doing a little ’60s-revival partying for the 4th:



* “Tea Parties and the Constitution.”

* “Man Blows Off Arm While Launching Illegal Fireworks.”

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* “Matthew Rothschild at The Progressive – ‘I Don’t Believe in Patriotism’.”

* “Queers Against Israeli Canadian Apartheid.”

* “The Democratic-Left: United in Hate With America’s Foes.”

* “President George W. Bush First Inaugural Address.”

* “‘You Got to Make People Understand That There Are Certain Principles and Values Upon Which This Great Country Was Established’.”

* “Thoughts on Blogging and Freedom.”

* “Surprise! Republicans ‘Racist’ for No Vote on Unemployment Extension.”

* “Less Than 1 in 5 Leftists ‘Extremely’ Patriotic in Gallup Poll.”

BONUS: From The Blog Prof, “theblogprof passes 1,000,000 visitors today!

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